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Welcome to SolutionHumbae Spoken English World


Building a strong foundation

  1. Formation of sentences
  2.  Art of conversation
  3.  Build day-to-day vocabulary
  4.  Improvising negative body language
  5.  Neutralization of accent
  6.  Develop and upsurge the reading and listening skills
  7.  Regular verbal activity sessions to build confidence and eliminate stage fright
  8.  Weekly individual assessment and review reports


The road to fluency

  1. Grammar at a glance
  2. Usage of complex structure of sentences to pour out thoughts
  3. Develop public speaking skills
  4. Inculcate spontaneous oratory skills
  5. Building lexical (vocabulary) to enlighten the speech
  6. Learn to debate and counter-attack the thoughts of opponents
  7. Fluency development through potential activities
  8. Using Effective learning tool to bring articulation in
  9. speech and build voice modulation to target the audience
  10. Weekly individual assessment and review reports

Magic talk

Express to impress

  1. A tour of hands on techniques for using physical expression to improve your presence
  2. Organization and synchronization of thoughts delivered
  3. Inculcate spontaneous flow of words
  4. Nurture Critical thinking ability
  5. Learning improvisation to handle negotiations
  6. Dealing negative situations with positivity
  7. Creative talks to build an impressive environment
  8. Weekly individual assessment and review reports


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