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Reasons to Work in Germany !

During 2016, Germany overtook the UK as the fastest growing economy among the G7 states.It’s Europe’s largest economy, and this year it expanded at its fastest rate in five years, showing an impressive growth figure.

The unemployment rate in Germany is much lower than in other G7 countries. In general, Germans work fewer hours than in the UK and your minimum annual holiday entitlement is typically 30 days.if you are unfortunate enough to be laid off, you are entitled to a full month’s wages for every year that you have worked for your employer. If you decide to start a family, women are entitled to 14 weeks maternity leave with 100% pay, and men also have paternity rights. When it comes to medical care, Germany has one of the best reputations in the world. Everyone is required by law to have medical insurance, even if you’re unemployed or unable to work. Many German employers offer to cover half of the costs for public medical insurance to their employees, too. Germany boasts one of the lowest youth unemployment rates in Europe. There’s an accredited apprenticeship scheme, offering training alongside education in many trades. Migrants are also eligible for these apprenticeships and you have a great chance of getting on one, as there is always an excess of place, so plenty of opportunities for younger generations if you decide to migrate with your family.

Berlin, the cost of living index is 16.27% lower than that of London.

Living costs (excluding rent) for a family of four would be around £2,275 per month.

It is not an unknown fact that Germans have an excellent quality of life. So when you are working here and earning well owing to the places thriving economy you too will be able to enjoy a good standard of living at par with everyone else. So if you work hard you will easily be able to afford a spacious abode for yourself and your family where you could spend quality time with each other and make beautiful memories together.

Germans have it in their blood to work hard and strive for perfection at all costs. If you are interested in the field of technological research and development then this is the place that you want to be. The Germans make use of the state of the art technology to make sure that they do not have to waste unnecessary time doing some work that a machine can do in a shorter span of time. They have extreme concentration powers and after working with them, this is something you will imbibe.

Reasons To Study In Germany !

At the time when higher education is becoming a necessity due to the increased need for highly qualified professionals and cost of attending university are increasing faster, Germany is the only top study destination whose universities charge no tuition fees. A decision which came into power in October 2014, stated that all international students attending a public university in Germany would be free from paying normal tuition fees. Foreign students will only have to pay few administrative costs like student contribution, student union fee and a public transport ticket which account to around €250 per semester altogether.

If you are a European student and want to study and live in Germany, you will cherish the same rights as a German citizen and EU\EFTA citizen regarding free entry, the opportunity to study and work without any additional permits.

Study programs at German universities are modern in terms of their structure and the way they’re delivered to students. They’re designed to meet up the most up-to-date scientific developments running out in the world and educate individuals who can confidently face global challenges. Their curriculum is subject to constant provision and change aiming to find or create comprehensive approaches to teaching and research. At the end of your course, you will be certified with a degree which is globally recognized and valued. Employers all around the world look upon you with the highest respect because they’re aware of what quality of education you’ve been offered during your studies which makes them ready to hire you and trust you large responsibilities.

Starting from future employability to the emotional joy, there are countless reasons why learning German is very beneficial to you

Germany is one of the most powerful economies in the world while the German language is the most spoken native language in the European continent. German companies are global leaders and have an extensive network of branches all around the world. Thus, by speaking the German language you’re setting yourself in a position where they will come at you and will offer you a job. On the other hand, the German language is widely spoken in the world, and this means an opportunity for you to travel the world and going to places you have never been before.

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